Fuck Cancer

Viele haben es mitbekommen, die BMX-Familie trauert um eine große Persönlichkeit des BMX-Sports. Das letzte Rennen, hat Jens Klünder nicht gewonnen, er wurde aus unserer Mitte gerissen. Den Angehörigen mein tiefstes Mitgefühl.


Mit diesem Post möchte ich auf eine tolle Spendenaktion, initiiert durch den früheren BMX-Fahrer Kai Lehmann hinweisen - unterstützt die Aktion jeder Euro zählt!


Originaltext von Kai auf Facebook:

Today I would like to address my network and many other people in the world. facebook is a platform that is used professionally in every respect. Yes, I love my job, but there are times in life when you realise that it's not just about the job, it's about LIFE.

I lost last friday 18th of June a very good friend with whom I raced BMX for many years to cancer.

Jens was 7x German Champion, vice European Champion, vice World Champion, 4x European League Champion, 25x German Champion Cup Winner, Winner ABA Nationals in California. 

I swore over 10 years ago that I would never race again, but this weekend, in his honour, I put on our #McDonalds team jersey again and rode a farewell race for him....for me it was very emotional. 

I would like to ask you to take part in a fundraising campaign against cancer, and have set up a money pool in Paypal.


I will donate this money to his beloved wife and son, which will go to a cancer-fighting organisation.

I would be happy if my post is accepted, linked.....in the fight against cancer !!!!

I am at a loss for words...you were a part of our BMX Family, we had so many great moments together, you will live on in our hearts ❤️Jens Klünder #Klündrix #96