Europameisterschaft Tim Trail


During the 2016 UEC BMX European Championships a Time Trial European Championships will be held.


Rules and regulations


•       1 class for men. Men Elite and Men Junior can register for this class.

•       1 class for women. Women Elite and Women Junior can register for this class.

•       Each federation can register 1 rider minimum and 3 riders maximum in each class.

•       Deadline for registration: Friday 24 June 2016 - 06.00 p.m.

•       Registration fee for participating in the Time Trial is € 20,00

•       Registration can be done using the registration form which was distributed to all participating federations.

•       The start order is as follows: first Junior riders, then Elite riders ordered by UEC Ranking from low to high ranking. 
This means the Women/Men Junior without UEC ranking will start first, then the Women/Men Junior with UEC ranking (from low to high ranking), after that the Women/Men Elite without UEC Ranking will start, after that the riders with UEC Ranking (from low to high ranking).

•       The Men Time Trial will use the 8m start hill and pro-section of the track.

•       The women Time Trial will use the 8m start hill and the challenge section of the track.


Time schedule European Championships Time Trial




Fixing Transponders



Training Women Junior & Elite



Training Men Junior & Elite 



Start Time Trial Women



Opening Ceremony



Start Time Trial Men



Award ceremony