Redstarter holeshot gates

REDSTART is launching today the first 100% wire-free holeshot practice BMX gate.

REDSTART is rechargeable battery-powered and syncs start automatically with one, two or more gates. No plug, no wire, no hassle!

REDSTART pre-order is now available on Kickstarter at early-bird price for a limited time ( preview link: )

This is a crowdfunding initiative. You can pledge from $1 / 1€, or order exclusive goodies, and even a gate to become happy first Redstarters.

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — project must reach its funding target at $6700 / 6000 € to receive any money. If not reached, all backers get their money back! However, once the target is reached, there's no upper limit.

So let's support together innovation in BMX racing!